5 tips to kickstart your magic

5 tips to kickstart your magic

Are you eager to start learning magic tricks?
Get ahead of the game by watching our 5 tips for learning magic. 

5 tips to kickstart your magic

  1. Start slow: Take your time learning a trick. While you want to perform ASAP, you’ll be so much better if you’ve taken the time to really get good. Even the best magicians spend ages learning a new trick.
  2. Split it up: Some tricks are pretty long and complicated. It’s so much easier if you break up your trick into smaller chunks. That way, you can focus on each move and get it really smooth
  3. Practice by yourself: Make sure you rehearse three times in front of an imaginary crowd, so you get the moves perfect. Then, go and show a close friend and see what they think.
  4. Time to perform!: Go and have fun! Show everyone your new skill. Enjoy performing and you’ll be the best in no time.
  5. Believe in yourself: Never stop learning. Did your performance go a bit wrong? Work out what happened and make your performance better for next time. As long as you keep going, no one can stop you.

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