The evolution of learning magic

The evolution of learning magic

50 years ago, the internet was unknown. It’s gone from being a geeky side project to today, where 4 billion people use it every day. Magic has been on a similar journey, with an explosion of interest in the past 20 years thanks to TV and internet stars like David Blaine, Dynamo, Chris Ramsey and countless others.

As a result, learning magic is more popular than ever. Every day, searches for magic tutorials online number in the thousands, and millions of videos come up. It’s impossible to know where to start.  Inevitably, the avid learner will end up lost in a sea of content, and their magic will suffer too.

While many of these videos teach brilliant tricks in a detailed and in-depth way, the knowledge and understanding that separates the good from the best is often lost. As a result, despite all the skill and practice new magicians have, some feel like they’re missing out.

We want to fix that.

This summer, we’re releasing a brand new free course for anyone interested in card magic. Not only does it teach five incredible tricks, but it also reveals some of the deeper ideas behind them, leaving you as knowledgeable as an experienced magician and ready to perform.

We’re super excited to be sharing our ideas for the very first time with you. Our mission on this course is to give you the toolbox to think more creatively, so you can create more impactful magical.

We will teach you 5 simple card effects that require zero sleight of hand, but which can become powerful performances. By applying a strong focus on delivery, you can transform these simple card tricks into pieces of wonder.

In these weekly lessons we will teach you:

  • how to manage your audience,
  • think on your feet 
  • make magic happen.

Not only that, but we’re giving you the chance to win a FREE deck of cards each week with our weekly contest. Simply upload a video of yourself performing the latest trick each week to Instagram, tag #summerofcardmagic and #abracademyfreecourse and we’ll chose a winner.

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