Tutorial 1: Three Card Mystery

Tutorial 1: Three Card Mystery

Hey guys, here we have our first trick from the Summer of Card Magic!

For this first tutorial you will learn the power of presentation and how to transform a simple trick into impactful magic.

It’s an easy trick, but don’t be fooled by its simplicity.
This card trick is based on an all time classic: the three card monte.
If you learn all the steps and practice with your friends, you can create a true miracle.

So, let’s get started!

First let’s take a look at the performance:

Really cool right?

Do you have any ideas how it’s done? Maybe before looking at the explanation you could come up with your own solution. 

This is what you need 

3 Different Cards + permanent market

Preparation for the trick

Marking Cards: First we need to mark one of the cards on the back. We can make a dot in very subtle way, like something like this:

Tips on the presentation

    • The eyes: Don't make it too obvious when you're looking at your cards. You only need a split second to locate the marked card. 
    • The reveal: Try to make it magical. Don't just reveal the card, try to create a story around this card. Our head magician, Alex, suggests to talk about the cards: “oh it’s clear enough, that you are a joker like me, so probably you picked the joker too”.
    • Your own style: My style of presenting this trick is with a light touch and I like to joke around. Of course, everybody has their own style. Try and create your own. Here is a list of magicians that developed their own style in their own unique ways.  

Three Card Mystery is a very simple trick but even very famous performers like Dani Daortiz use it. In his case he performs it with cups and a little ball. The video is in Spanish but if you still want to watch it have a look here : https://youtu.be/_nKgeB9HxtI . You can find the explanation of his version in his book (only in spanish too unfortunately) Cartomagia Semiautomática 3.

Hope you guys liked it and see you next week!

We would love to hear your feedback. 

Let us know how it went in the comments below. 


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Deck used in the explanation

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