Tutorial 2: Heart Check

Tutorial 2: Heart Check


In this second tutorial of our free card magic course, you will learn how to command an audience creating a magic atmosphere.

This is a simple, yet powerful trick, created by Dai Vernon aka The professor, called “Emotional Reaction”. Dai Vernon is considered by many as the Einstein of Magic, because he simplified and created some incredible powerful routines.

Some of his famous quotes are: “A good magic effect should easily be described in one sentence”,  “Don’t make unimportant things important” and “Be natural and use your head.”

But enough of the professor, let’s get started!


Wow, it looks impossible...

Any ideas how it’s done? Maybe before looking at the explanation you could come up with your own explanations on how it’s done. We'd love to hear your solutions in the comments below.


What do you need?

For this trick you only need a deck of cards and a spectator.

Summary of the steps: 

1. Key Card: Show them the instructions while you peek at key card. 


2. Instructions: Cutting cards

3. Reveal: Find your key card 

But let’s talk about some tips:

  • Be natural: When you look at your key card and try to make it casual, don’t put too much emphasis on the spreading of the cards. 
  • Clear instructions: Be very clear when giving the instructions! And demonstrate each step, so that your spectator knows what to do.
  • Make it magical!: During my performance I talked about the connection of the heart and the card. That’s one way of doing it. In the original version of the Dai Vernon routine, he asks the spectator to “hold his wrist and asks them not to react if they see their card”, and this way you reveal the card. That’s a great way of doing it! Try to create other magical ways of revealing the card!

If you want to read more about this routine you can find Dai vernon’s book; ‘Inner Secrets of Card Magic’ by Lewis Ganson. For more inspiration you can watch one of Dai vernon’s performances here

Hope you guys liked it and see you next week ;)!


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I would love to see your performances and see what you create! Every week, you have the chance to win a deck of cards via our Instagram give away. Simply learn the free trick of the week, upload a video of yourself performing the trick and tag #abracademyfreecouse and #summerofcardmagic.  

PS: If you are interested in the professor. You can watch a documentary about him at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeIBCLw4p8o

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