Tutorial 3: My Lucky Card

Tutorial 3: My Lucky Card

Welcome back!

 This is the third tutorial for our Summer of Card Magic!

You might have already noticed that magicians never make mistakes!
Or that's what they claim... haha! 

Truth is, mistakes happen sometimes. So what should you do if you lose the spectator's card, or something goes wrong? (PANIC!?)

No, of course not.
It's the perfect moment for you to harness the power of improvisation!

Great jazz musicians don't sound amazing by accident when they are jamming and improvising. They studied and practiced so many structures to play that it looks made up out of nothing!

That's why it's very important to practice and look at different outcomes before doing performing.

In this tutorial you'll learn the power of improvising and thinking on your feet!

The trick that you'll learn is a variation of multiple tricks. Matin collected some of his favourite methods and came out with this really cool effect.

Let’s start by taking a look at the performance:

Video Performance:

Very direct right, right? But what if...?

This trick is all about knowing the possibilities. If you study them beforehand, you will perform it without hesitation so don't forget to practice. 

Ok, are you ready to learn?

Video Explanation:



Let's do a short recap of the trick!

  • Spectator shuffles the cards

  • You show them the cards. Emphasise that they are shuffled and during this process you peak at the 4th card, this is your peak card.

  • Ask them to cut the cards in half and put the hand on top of one of them. Regardless of what they pick you are going to use the top half.

    If they pick the top half, ask them to push it to you. 

    If they pick the other half, ask them to push it away. 

  • Ask them a number between 1-5.

    • If 1 and 2: spell O-N-E or T-W-O and the next card is yours.
    • If 3: count 3 cards and show the next one.
    • If 4: count to 4 and its the 4th one.
    • If 5: You pick the cards and leave some on the table. Put one card on the top, now your card is the 5th one. Count to 5 and show them the card.


  • Practice and Rehearse: Practice is when you look at the moves and the parts. Rehearsing is when you are imagining that you are performing to someone. For a rehearsal you need to do it as close as you would do the real performance. If you make a mistake just keep going! Doing this multiple times will help you a lot to be more confident during your performances. 
  • Improvisation: Improvisation comes with practice and knowledge. So next time you have another cool trick you want to show your friends, think of the different scenarios that could happen and what can you do. Possible scenarios: lost the card, they forget the card or you took the wrong card. 
    • Remember to make it magical!: In the performance video, I refer to my peak card as my favourite card. That’s one very simple story you can tell. But there are multiple ways. Maybe you can write a prediction or you can put the same card from another deck inside the box. Think of a way that suits your style! Be creative, and let me know what did came out with in the comments below or on Instagram. (@abracademy #SummerOfCardMagic) 


    I would love to know what do you do if a magic trick goes wrong or something unexpected happens. Let me know in the comments below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

    Hope you guys liked it and see you next week!


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