Tutorial 4: The power of Intuition

Tutorial 4: The power of Intuition
Welcome again to a new tutorial of our Summer of card magic!
Misdirection? Distraction? Doing something sneaky when nobody is watching?
These are familiar topics when people talk about magicians. You probably imagine that's how magic works. A magician has to distract the audience, making them look in the wrong place for the magic to happen.
It doesn’t work like that. Imagine this scenario. You're performing coin magic for a friend at your party. You have the coin in your right hand, and suddenly somebody distracts your friend. At that moment you do the move, you pretend to put the coin in your left hand retaining it in your right one. (fake put) He looks back, and he missed that second.
What do you think he feels at this moment? Is everything clear? Did he miss something important?
Well yes! He missed an essential part of what happened. He probably feels cheated. He thinks that you did something while he was distracted. Magic is not about distraction, and it’s about directing.
The spectator has to feel in control that he is not missing anything. If he does, he would think of different scenarios. “ it’s up his sleeve” “he did something strange” “he is hiding something,”

When that happens, the magic will be gone! It’s no longer magic. Magic happens when you can't think of an explanation for what happened.
In this new tutorial, we will teach you how to hide a movement in plain sight!
And the rule is: If you can’t hide it, highlight it!
It's better to do a movement in plain sight than to try and hide it.
But enough talking! Let’s get into the magic!
First, let’s take a look at the performance:


Pretty cool right?!
Did you see how it was done?
This time Alex will give us a hand with the explanation of the trick.


For this trick, you will need only a deck of cards and a spectator.
Let’s talk a bit more about the sneaky move in reversing the cards.

The secret movement is that you need to rotate the cards end to end. This way the chosen card will be the only one with the centre pip facing the opposite direction. Instead of doing this rotation behind your back or underneath the table, you do it in plain sight. You can cover it with a natural action of turning your wrist and spreading the cards. Assisting them to insert the card back ;). No need for elephants or explosions to cover the movement. The best way is to highlight it in a very natural way!

Let’s go through this week's tips:

  • Preparation: It’s essential to prepare for every possible scenario. Go through the routine and all the possible options. Practice everything a few times before performing to your friends.

  • If you can’t hide it, highlight it!: If you need to do something sneaky or secret, try to cover it with a natural action. Eg. You could be arranging your sleeves, move something from the table, point to something. Do a movement that for YOU looks natural. Don’t just try to imitate someone else’s mannerisms. Think of how you would turn the cards, in a natural way that suits you.

  • And remember to make it magical!: The revel and how you create the atmosphere is always essential. Try to develop a bit of suspense before revealing the card. Pretend that you made a mistake or give it a couple of seconds before revealing the card. The trick is already finished for you, but remember for the spectator; the magic hasn’t happened yet. So enjoy and have fun with it!


Step1: Spectator shuffles cards

Step 2: Remove any three “Odd” numbered cards” of any suit except diamonds + one Court Card
Step 3: Check that the center ‘Pips’ of each card are pointing in the same direction

Step 4: Give the spectator the cards to shuffle

Step 5: The spectator chooses one card

Step 6: Turn cards end for end

Step 7: Spectator replaces the card and shuffles all four cards

Step 8: You look at cards and put the spectator's card in the 2nd position from your left. 

Step 9: Place cards in a row face-down (making sure that the chosen card ends up in the second position away from spectator).

Step 10: The spectator selected the right card. (Scenario 1, 3, 5 and 6.) or eliminates cards down to their selection (Scenario 2 & 4.)

Step 11: One card remains on the table
Step 12: Ta-daaaah!! Magic happens! The spectator's card! 
    See you guys next time :)

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