Introducing Sam & Billy, the wonderful duo behind Abracademy's Youtube Show

Introducing Sam & Billy, the wonderful duo behind Abracademy's Youtube Show

World, meet the dynamic duo of Sam Richards and Billy Menezes.

Hosts of Abracademy’s youtube channel, magicians, cardists and all around magic makers, these guys are much too interesting to be so young! Still in high school they put all of their free time into practising and developing their skills in magic and performance and it’s really paid off. Lately they’ve turned their attention to creating a
youtube show with Abracademy that incorporates all of the most interesting, most recent and most wackiest goings on in the magic community. The first episode was a wonderful show, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two.

I caught up with Sam and Billy to find out more about their reasons for wanting to start a youtube channel about magic, their verging on obsessive love of magic, and why they wanted to be involved with Abracademy in the first place. Also because, did I mention, they are amazing!?

Meet the wacky and wonderful Sam and Billy...

What was your purpose behind starting a youtube channel?

S+B: W wanted to start the youtube show as we thought it was a great way of bringing together and keeping the community informed. We also wanted to find a way to bring Abracademy, which was something we were already so passionate about, to the world and reach a wider audience. We really want to get people talking about magic, so we’re trying to create a relaxed, fun and accessible environment, for them to do so.

What is your purpose behind working with Abracademy?

B: I think there are so many reasons that we both love to work with Abracademy, but for me I think because Abracademy is really one of the only organisation dedicated to teaching magic to young people, and it’s making a big difference in the lives of future magicians. I am hugely passionate about wanting to inspire young magicians.   

S: For me it comes down to two things. Firstly, I want to bring other art forms into the world of magic and show magicians (many of whom find themselves stuck in their conservative ways) how to embrace them. Secondly, like Billy said, I’m really interested in bringing together the community. We would like our platform to become a place where all feel welcome to share, socialise and network. Although commonly referred to as the magic "community" I feel there is a lack of it. The community connection is very strong is at magic conventions. However, many of our fellow magicians are not able to attend these because of their locations or because of their financial situation and so, like I said, I would like our platform to become a place where community thrives.

When did you know that 'magic' (and everything that’s apart of it) was for you?

S: I knew that magic was for me from an early age. I’ve always loved mahave forever known that I would always love magic and that I would always aspire to Improve although I never have never decided that being a magician is my certain career path and that  nothing else is possible. I greatly dislike the limitations that this decision would bring to me. Now that I have been doing magic for six years I am extremely grateful for everything I have from it whether it be: opportunities, confidence, a unique skill or most importantly some amazing friendships. So in answer to the question I have never chosen magic as my certain career path but as a life long love.

B: You know that magic is for you when you can't stop thinking about it, literally 24/7.

What are you most excited about in making the youtube channel?

S: I am most excited about this idea of having, in a sense, a virtual space of experimentation. A space where I can create content in the form of anything with no real limitations. It’s also a great to have such an accessible platform of communication for the community.

B: I'm excited about the possibilities for Abracademy as a magic school and as a source of knowledge and experience in the community. Also, we love creating videos, so I can’t wait to see where this takes us!

First episode in, are you looking towards the future? What are your hopes for the show?

B: The first show is better than I could have imagined, I really like the way it was edited and it was fantastic working with Sam! We had such a blast with the whole crew and it was so much fun to make so i hope that it comes across that way, and I'm also super excited to see where we can take it!

S: Ditto, definitely fun working with Sam! (ha) I am extremely happy with how our first show has come out and from experience comes improvement so it can only get better. I would like to keep the show in a reasonably similar layout each week but not to the point where it gets repetitive. I also like the idea of getting the community involved in the show so occasional guest hosts is an idea I have in mind for the future. Also getting feedback from the community is important. I’m really keen on feedback and love hearing what people have to say about what we have done but new suggestions alongside feedback is even better!

Check out the full youtube show here👇👇

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  • Love these wonderful guys, well done, perhaps I can learn some impressive slight of hand tricks, my 52 card pick up is getting a little old!!! Keep it up boys your inspirational ???

    Lesley Wrenn-Brown

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