We believe the world needs more magic! 

What we do and how we do it

Magic is much more than rabbits in hats and disappearing pens... Abracademy is a learning and development company using magic as a tool, combined with skilled facilitation, to bring real magic to your L&D training programmes.

We have helped companies take the pain out of change, connected teams that weren't aligned, created internal champions for digital transformation, equipped teams with great presentation, communication and storytelling skills, introduced wellbeing programmes, and facilitated leaders to lead better!

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How we work with organisations

Meaningful Play

Our L&D training programmes draw from four areas of expertise. We blend these to create a playful, insightful journey of self discovery and learning. This is what we call Meaningful Play.  

1) The science of magic
We connect science with magic to uncover how magic has the ability to make us believe the impossible.

2) Group dynamics
As skilled facilitators, we know how groups develop and behave. We understand how to work with the different needs of groups. This ensures our programmes have impact.

3) Learning design
We bring care and consideration to our L&D programs. We work with fantastic people (learning designers, strategists, facilitators, magicians) who understand how to curate learning journeys. We integrate magic to enhance the learning and add a wow factor!

4) Creativity

Creativity is in our blood and play is our favourite form of expression. It's a powerful way to help people step out of their comfort zone and, in doing so, learn and grow.

The Belief Mindset

Emerging digital technologies mean that people and companies face a constant need for adaptation. With this programme, we aim to help organisations embrace (and take the pain out of) change! We ignite belief: in ourselves, in our teams and in our organisations.

- Improve confidence
- Bring unity and connection to teams
- Hands-on learning to encourage collaboration
- Embed the learning for continued development

This programme starts by unleashing each colleague's inner magic. We then build on that to connect and align teams for better collaboration. If you want to know how your teams feel, this is the programme for you!

The Wonder Mindset

Humans are naturally creative. By shifting perceptions, magicians unlock their audience's wonder, problem solving and creativity. Our programme aims to do the same.

- Shift fixed mindset and trigger different thinking
- Open teams up to each other and create new experiences together
- Learn by playing: lots of hands-on, imaginative play
- Bring curiosity back into the workplace

If you want an innovative, playful and powerful way to unlock your organisation's creativity, get in touch and let’s make magic happen!

Meet the Abracademy team

We have a powerful and diverse team of magicians, facilitators, makers, thinkers, and doers.

Thomas Dixon
Magician & Facilitator
AKA Magilitator

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Alex Mackain 
Magician & Facilitator
AKA Magilitator

Anne Brassier
Senior Product Manager
AKA Cosmic Creeper

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Priya Ghai
Learning Designer & Facilitator
AKA Mind Master

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Will Reynolds
Product Manager

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Rubens Filho
Co-founder & CEO
AKA Director of Spells

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Alex Pittas
Facilitator and Head Magician
AKA Mr Magic

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Sam Richards
Creative Content
AKA Arcanist

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