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Magic is an amazing tool. It gives young people confidence and develops soft skills, unlocking potential. Eyes light up, jaws drop and the new magicians can’t wait to show off their skills! Creative and critical thinking happens during our workshops. The students wonder how to develop a trick, they’re thinking on their feet. And with that, you ignite their imagination and excitement.


  • Magic is all inclusive: whether it's the technicalities of a trick, storytelling or performing, every student can master something
  • Abracademy workshops create a sense of wonder - how do they do that?!
  • Barriers break down and children become more empathetic
  • A team spirit happens: individuals become more willing to work together
  • Our activities stimulate constructive peer-to-peer feedback
  • Magic teaches resilience, because magicians never give up!
  • Concentration improves when reality is suspended and impossible things happen: students are totally alert and focused in the moment
  • They learn the art of whole body communication, using all their senses
  • Confidence improves, new skills are learned and magic is unleashed!

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The Magic of Communication

The power of effective communication is incredible.

We share the contents of the Magician’s Toolbox, empowering students to become confident communicators and empathetic listeners.

This workshop sets GCSE students up for success in their Speaking and Listening assessments, as well as engendering competence beyond the classroom.

All workshops are available as full-days; or as a series of weekly 1-2 hr sessions over 4-6 weeks.

Magic Mindset

This programme promotes a growth mindset. Resilience allows students to thrive. It's a necessary skill in order to be an independent learner.

We create an environment where students can experiment with failure, exploring how to manage challenges and build resilience. We use magic to foster this growth mindset, encouraging students to take risks and not fear failure.

As well as developing important life skills, this workshop sets students up for academic success.

Inner Magic

Safeguarding mental wellbeing is fundamental to the PSHE curriculum and forms the basis of a holistic education for young people.

Our experienced Magilitators (Magician - Facilitators) help students explore stress and anxiety. Through a series of activities designed to boost confidence, we provide coping strategies and enable students to see failure as a learning opportunity.

Our team

Thomas Dixon
Magician & Facilitator
AKA Magilitator

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Alex Mackain 
Magician & Facilitator
AKA Magilitator

Anne Brassier
Senior Product Manager
AKA Cosmic Creeper

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Priya Ghai
Learning Designer & Facilitator
AKA Mind Master

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Will Reynolds
Product Manager

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Rubens Filho
Co-founder & CEO
AKA Director of Spells

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Alex Pittas
Facilitator and Head Magician
AKA Mr Magic

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Sam Richards
Creative Content
AKA Arcanist

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