Abracademy is a 21st century magic school, using magic as a tool to unleash feel-good personal development, including creative and critical thinking, storytelling and showmanship, presentation, communication and confidence. We achieve this through meaningful play. 

Abracademy + companies

We created a series of corporate workshops to bring magic into the workplace; they combine our experience in facilitation and magic (Magilitation - a new type of facilitation!) to reconnect teams and spark imagination. Learn more about our work with companies.

Abracademy + schools

In our schools workshops, we encourage children to learn through play in order to unleash their inner magic, encouraging confidence and presentation skills. Learn more about our schools program.


Abracademy + families

And last, but not least, we bring magic to the home: Abracademy has created a series of online magic courses that come with kits. The online tutorials teach not only the secrets of magic, but also performance and storytelling techniques. Learn more about our magic courses.

Abracademy retail

We have a stall in Camden Lock Market, London, which is open every day during usual market trading hours.

Press releases

Spine Chillers: our creepy magic kit, Halloween 2017

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