Flash course #1: Animated Matchbox

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  • Easy
  • Online lessons
  • Comes with a Kit
  • Suitable for 8+ years

Bring a matchbox to life with this kit and online tutorial - become a magician in under an hour!

Flash Courses are easy to learn, simple tricks which will leave your audience wondering what the heck just happened! Receive the kit with the Animated Matchbox trick and then perfect your magician's technique with the help of our online tutorials and performance tips.


1 simple, but impressive trick

2 videos showing the trick and performance tips

This simple trick takes less than 1hr to learn


What the tutorials will teach you:

  • How to do the trick
  • How to build your magician persona
  • How to engage (and distract) your audience with good storytelling!


What's in the kit:

  • Animated Matchbox
  • Code card to access the online video tutorials

How it works


We send you an email with a link to your new course.


You watch the videos and practice the tricks.


You perform and impress friends and family.