Whispering Imps

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Designed for the modern card player, manufactured by The Expert Playing Card Company, allows the player to focus on what's really important, the face card. The simple, yet elegant back design, featuring the Whispering Imps® famous "WI" logo, doesn't distract from the custom designed face cards which are sure to intrigue any audience. This deck is so versatile, it can be used by any card player, in any game, at any table.

* 1 Custom Joker
* 1 Cut Card
* 1 Custom Ace of Spades
* 52 Specially-designed playing cards to enhance the card-playing experience
* Tuck Box: Premium White Matte Paper Stock, Blind Embossed Details, Black Foil, Black Ink, Embossed Logos, and Artwork
* Only 3450 made since 2015